At IronSafe, we know that having easy, fast, and secure access to your content is paramount to the functionality and success of your organization. We also know that scrutinizing and presenting that content can be overwhelming. Our fully web based intuitive solution can eliminate the need for analysts to manually aggregate data from multiple versions of a report and give you access to your data in any format on-the-go. IronSafe is designed to take the effort and worry out of analyzing, presenting, and safeguarding your organization’s content in order to maximize your interoperability and protect you from cyber threats. IronSafe allows your organization to effectively and securely engage with your physicians, clinicians, or clients.

IronSafe is a cutting edge single-page web app that warehouses your document and report assets with security-based access authorization, fast search capacities, and data transformation tools to extract your content to data tables, spreadsheets, or pdf. In addition to all that, IronSafe has dashboard analytics so you can analyze your data in charts and graphs right on your IronSafe dashboard. Do this all in one product: IronSafe.