What We Do

IronSafe has developed a state of the art, secure, PCI compliant software solution called ReportDB Data Extraction and Analytics that can extract data from any card processor’s report structures—banking core system reports, card processor reports, or other reports—into denormalized database structures for download to CSV, analytical viewing, key performance dashboards, fraud analysis, or to populate your data warehouse schema to use against your own analytical tools.

This proprietary technology is being used by over 3500 financial institutions. IronSafe ReportDB has a seamless implementation with over 2,000 card processor reports that you already receive today, and also provides 100% encryption of report generations within the solution.

In addition, IronSafe is currently in production servicing thousands of users by several large Hospital Systems in the Departments of Patient Financial Services, Revenue Cycle Management, HR and Supply Chain Management. Users are able to quickly Extract - Analyze - Visualize any core application Hospital Application existing report in the format of ASCII, Text, PDF, CSV, XML seamlessly transform their data to spreadsheets, CSV, PDF, Text or into database visualization tools within IronSafe ReportDB.

Our Core Values

Customer Value

We continually seek to further understand our clients’ goals and needs with the objective of empowering them to be high-performance businesses. We build lasting relationships with clients and strive to add value and efficiency to their processes.

Our goal is to bring greater value than paid for. We take risk out of the equation by providing a process that includes an acceptance period using actual customer data prior to payment. In other words, we demonstrate value before you pay for value. .


We serve our customers the way we want to be served by communicating with honesty, enthusiasm, and integrity in all situations each and every day.


We attract, develop and retain the best talent. We foster an entrepreneurial culture with a resilient, positive spirit that will contribute to the long-term initiatives of our organization.


We are passionate about our products and the markets that we serve. Our focus and experience allows our team to provide our customers with both expertise and excellence in all areas of our business.


Our commitment is to embrace change and innovate cutting edge technology in order to create products that give our customers a sustainable, supportable, competitive advantage.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • Web application

  • Powerful search engine

  • Extract reports data to databases, PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

  • Data and usage dashboard analytics

  • Report annotations... and more!

  • Attentive professional service

  • Competitive pricing