ReportDB Data Extraction Engine

Users today are looking to go beyond simply having content delivered to them electronically. They want to activate and transform the data within reports or documents into usable forms, such as databases and spreadsheets, and also aggregate that data into convenient charts and graphs on dashboards for their own rapid analysis.

To analyze the data contained within PDF and text reports, it is far more powerful for that data to be in database or spreadsheet format so you can use the data in myriad ways. IronSafe can extract data from reports into data tables. You can also export IronSafe report content to spreadsheet format. Further, IronSafe can present charts and graphs of data essential for you to analyze, right on your IronSafe dashboard.


Best of all, it’s easy to do without tech support. It takes minutes for a user to do the one-time setup of a given report using IronSafe’s ReportDB automated extraction engine. Subsequent versions of that report are automatically exported for you each time a new version of the report comes in. ReportDB extracts data from reports, transforms that data into database systems or spreadsheet files, and presents data in dashboard charts customizable for your analysis, insight, and sharing.

ReportDB is the innovative cutting edge of report and document data transformation. Pull big data into database form, making access rapid, secure, and uniquely usable via dashboard charts customizable for your analysis, enabling your enterprise to focus on scrutinizing data to develop insights.


Determine which charts or gauges are critical to your operations and define where they should appear on your dashboard.


Use predefined charts gauges, etc., and create your own. Arrange charts and data relevant to your needs on your unique dashboard.


Report Dashboard works independently, can integrate with the IronSafe report warehousing solution, or can collaborate with other report warehousing solutions.

Feature Set

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Security

  • Customizable

  • Extract to PDF

  • Extract to Spreadsheet

  • Intelligent Search