IronSafe has a long history of working with both the Provider and Payer Industries throughout the US. We provide strong security and historical retention of report and document content that you can instantly view. In addition, our ReportDB is an easy to use yet powerful tool that quickly extracts data from your reports into database tables or spreadsheets in minutes. You can optionally set up automated extraction to databases or spreadsheets so that subsequent versions of a given report have their data automatically extracted for you as new report versions arrive.

Why IronSafe for Healthcare? IronSafe is committed to assisting our healthcare customers to securely deliver, access, and store their PHI Data, while lowering costs and saving time with easy to use, automated tools to extract report data for analysis. Our solutions work with both Cloud Hosted Applications or On Premises to serve your business needs. Contact us for a free analysis on how IronSafe may be able to assist your organization meet your goals and objectives.

“IronSafe provides a user friendly, secure, report repository for all of our AR, Patient Census, and Patient Accounting reports. In addition, IronSafe has a strong data extraction feature that allows many of our reports to be transformed into spreadsheets for further analytics of report content which our previous vendor didn’t offer”

-Mark Menz, Sr Systems Analyst – Information Systems Revenue Cycle